Do you have a recent onset eye problem?

RJ Naisbitt Optometry now offers a Minor Eye Conditions Assessment and Treatment Service at our practice in South Hetton, Durham.

If you are registered with a GP (doctor) in South Hetton, Easington area (inc Peterlee, Seaham, Murton and Blackhall), Sedgefield area  and Durham Dales, this service is funded by the NHS Рthere is no charge for you to have an appointment.

If you have any of the following eye problems, please telephone 0191 5208059 to make an appointment.

– Red eye or eyelids
– Dry eyes, gritty and uncomfortable eyes
– Irritation and inflammation of the eye
– Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye
– Recently occurring flashes and floaters
– Painful eye
– Ingrowing eyelashes
– Recent reduction in vision
– Foreign body in the eye

If you are not registered with a GP in one of the areas above, you can still access the service but there may be an charge for appointment time.

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